What Is The Cabbage Soup Diet

The cabbage soup diet is a low calorie, low fat 7 day diet high in vegetables, fruit and lean meat. On the cabbage soup diet plan cabbage soup is eaten daily, and as much as desired. The cabbage soup diet is not a long term diet, but it can form the basis of a healthy diet plan.

Cabbage Soup Diet Weight Loss

The cabbage soup diet allows you to eat unlimited amounts of cabbage soup and vegetables along with limited amounts of fruits, dairy and lean meat.

This diet will help you to lose as much as 10 pounds in a single week. While this diet really works, experts warn it should not be continued for more than a week at a time.

Because this diet is a short-term diet, it does have its detractors. They will tell you that it won’t help you in the long run, and that it doesn’t provide the needed nutrients to sustain health.

But the proponents of the diet say that it provides such rapid weight loss in the first week that it provides the motivation to continue dieting and you can make the diet healthy and long term by slowly incorporating more healthy food into the basic cabbage soup diet.

Why Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Work So Well?

The cabbage soup diet forbids breads, grains and processed white carb products. Carbs are quickly converted into simple sugars which, if not burned, are quickly converted into fat. Starchy carbs also cause water weight gain. For this reason, carbs — especially white processed carbs — are not permitted.

The second reason the cabbage soup diet works so well is that you’re filling up on healthy, nutrient dense, low calorie vegetables and water.

Many vegetables are considered “negative calorie foods.” That is, your body actually burns more calories digesting the vegetable than the vegetable provides. Negative calorie foods can be eaten in unlimited quantities, so it is always good to fill up on these foods whenever you feel hungry.

What You Can Eat On The Cabbage Soup Diet

Of course the main component of this diet is cabbage soup. The cabbage soup diet recipe is meat free, and loaded with negative calorie vegetables. It is recommended that you eat the soup at least twice a day along with the permitted foods for that day. Here’s what you can eat day-by-day on the cabbage soup diet:

Day 1: All fruit day — except bananas. Youi may also drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, lemon water and plain water.

Day 2: All vegetables day — except starches such as potatoes. Leafy greens (not starchy) salad is okay, but no fruit

Day 3: Fruits and vegetables

Day 4: Bananas and dairy (skim milk)

Day 5: Beef and tomatoes

Day 6: Beef and vegetables

Day 7: Brown rice, fruit juices (no added sugar), and vegetables

If you google the cabbage soup diet recipe, you’ll find many versions, but they all share the same common low calorie, zero-fat ingredients. The basic ingredients in the soup include, cabbage, green beans, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and bouillon.

The diet is easy, and requires no special foods or ingredients, but most find the diet boring. You will be glad the diet is over at the end of the 7 days.

If you decide to do the cabbage soup diet you’ll need to make a lot, so get out a big pot. Your shopping list is simple and pretty basic.

Here are the ingredients for the cabbage soup:

½ head of cabbage

2 cans of diced tomatoes

6 scallions

1 bunch of celery sliced

2 bell peppers, any color

1 package Lipton onion soup mix

2 bullion cubes (optional)

6 cups of water

Optional, curry powder, garlic powder, or paprika

Combine all ingredients and allow to simmer for about an hour, or use a slow cooker and let it simmer for about 6 hours.

In addition to all the cabbage soup you want, fruit, then vegetables can be eaten the first couple days. Bananas and dairy are then included. Later, beef or chicken and rice are included in the diet.

If you have any special health concerns or dietary restrictions or issues, you should speak to your healthcare professional first before beginning this diet.

The 1-week cabbage soup diet is intended as a quick jump-start weight loss tool rather than a long term diet plan.

However, the soup tastes great as is, even as a non-diet soup and with a little modification can be easily adapted as a more long term diet aid by including beans, or beef to the basic soup.

The cabbage soup diet is a diet you do alone. You don’t have to worry about buying special packaged meals or foods. The foods you’ll need are available from your local supermarket.

This is a low, fat, low carb, and very low calorie diet since it is a diet heavy on vegetables.

Exercise is not a consideration on this diet and probably is not a good idea other than some mild walking since it is such a calorie restricted diet.

This is not a vegetarian diet, since some meat is introduced during the last half of the diet. However, it can be modified to suit your needs without affecting the success of the diet.

And this is not a diet that will cost you a fortune. In fact, the ingredients are cheap. Very cheap. Not only will you lose weight on this diet, you will save money if you stick to the diet. That’s added motivation!

Does The Cabbage Soup Diet Really Work?
Yes. The cabbage soup diet works very well. It works because, not only is it a low calorie diet, it is a low carb and low fat diet as well.

This diet will provide around a 1,000 calories if followed effectively because you will fill up very quickly on a largely vegetable diet. This diet has also eliminated bad, processed white carbs which prevents many people from seeing weight loss success.


This diet works. It is simple, effective an cheap. But most important, it gets results. It is not an easy diet however. Expect to get bored with it very fast. You may even feel weak, and even ill doing this diet since it is extremely low in carbs. People getting off a high carb diet tend to feel sick for a few days as they withdraw. It’ll pass, and will be easier the next time if you stick with a low carb diet.

While this is a short-term diet, it is rather healthy, though lacking in calories. This diet can form the core of a more healthy diet lifestyle if you begin to incorporate more natural, healthy foods into the diet.

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