Health Benefits of Spinach

Let’s face it, spinach is an acquired taste for most of us. People generally eat this amazing leafy green because of the health benefits of spinach, and not for the taste, although, if spinach becomes a regular part of your diet, I can guarantee you’ll learn to love it as much as I. The truth is, even if you aren’t a fan of spinach, there are many ways that it can become a nearly invisible part of your diet even as you benefit from this great vegetable. I this article we’ll discuss the many health benefits of spinach as well as ways to add this vegetable to your daily diet.

Whether you think you like spinach or not, this is a vegetable you should be eating every day. This incredible plant offers some amazing benefits to your health. Including spinach as part of a good diet will provide many additional benefits so, even if you don’t like spinach right now, we hope this list of benefits will help you see the importance of including this amazing plant in your daily diet.

Spinach Provides Many Healthy Nutrients

Spinach provides a significant source of calcium. Getting enough calcium in your daily diet is vital to your bone health. This is especially important for women who usually have some difficulty getting enough calcium in their daily diet.

But that’s not all, spinach also contains vitamins A and C, as well as folic acid which helps in reducing the risk of several types of cancer (source). Spinach contains substantial amounts of potassium, folate, and magnesium, all of which help to regulate blood pressure. If heart disease or high blood pressure is a concern, this is yet another reason you should be adding spinach to your daily diet.

This amazing vegetable has almost everything! Spinach is very high in Lutein. Lutein is important to eye health including the prevention of cataracts and macular degeneration. You can protect your vision by simply consuming spinach at least once a day! As you can see, including spinach in your daily diet provides many benefits.

Spinach for Fresh and Healthy Skin!

Spinach is loaded with an incredible amount of antioxidants! Perfect for the development of healthy skin and a regular skin tone without any complication or disease included. One of the most annoying skin problems that some can get are either psoriasis or acne, well, let me tell you that this wonderful vegetable can use its high amount of vitamins A to reduce the risk of developing those nuisances!

Don’t Worry About the Amount, Care For the Quality!

Without any doubt, one of the best benefits of spinach is the fact that you don’t need to eat tons of it to gain positive benefits, this time it doesn’t work like that! Important studies have revealed that even with half or one cup of spinach per day, you will see incredible results! This also applies to baby spinach (which are the small leaves of the plant).

So, don’t worry about how much are you eating, care about the quality of the vegetable! The taste of regular spinach isn’t great at all, so imagine if you eat one that it’s in a bad state or it hasn’t been stored well… that would be disgusting without any doubt.

What an Incredible Amount of Nutrients!

Remember the old Popeye cartoons? The main particularity of that character is the fact that he was always eating spinach to gain strength in vital moments of the episode! The animators gave him a very buff-look to his muscles after he ate the spinach, well, technically this is possible and true in the real life if we consider the insanely amount of nutrients that spinach contains!

When someone talks about green leafy vegetables like spinach, you shouldn’t be surprised by the long list of nutrients that this vegetable has, however, spinach is without any doubt the one that possesses a higher amount, for example, in a single cup of spinach you can find more than 42 calories! And also you will find large amounts of vitamins K and A as well.

But that’s not all. This powerful superfood has many other nutrients like Manganese, Iron, Folate, Calcium, Potassium, and a group of Vitamins like A, C, E, and K! Thanks to that insane combination, if you start consuming spinach, your body will be more protected against the common diseases that plague the elderly like cancer, indigestion problems, and even complications in the blood pressure and heart.

Protect Yourself Against Annoying Bacteria and Viruses

Once again, the vitamin A of the spinach provides many positive benefits to the body. As we’ve said before, our skin will be smooth and healthy due to the influence of vitamin A in the body, but that’s not all. The vitamin A will help to fight off and prevent bacteria and viruses from getting a foothold in the body. This means that we can reduce the risk of getting common ailments like fever, nausea, and related digestive issues because the bacteria can’t establish a presence the body (source)

Gain More Energy With Spinach

Now let’s talk about Magnesium, the nutrient that allows us to feel more energized during the day and also, it can produce energy for days, so, if you want to gain more energy to be more efficient at your workout or routine, spinach is the perfect option for you! It’s cheap, simple to eat, and the results will be always there, waiting for you.

But if we talk about Magnesium it’s not fair to forget about the folate! Which is the nutrient that can turn the food that we consume into valuable energy that will be stored into our body to use it during the day!

In general, spinach is considered a superfood because of the many benefits that it offers and more importantly for being a very simple vegetable that doesn’t necessarily have to be eaten in a large amount per day! And remember, in the case of spinach always choose for quality over quantity! In this way, the results will be better and your diet will be complete.

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